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Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Kong: Skull Island

23 March 2017 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Kong:Skull Island. Yet another remake of the old classic King Kong. Each

time we revisit this story it gets bigger and more fanciful, but each

time the visual effects can be more awe inspiring. This particular

outing ticked a lot of boxes for me. We have a group of scientists, a

platoon of soldiers due to return home from the Vietnam war, and a man

running an expedition with a hidden agenda, put all these factions

together on an island inhabited by monsters and there is bound to be

bloodshed. Tom Hiddleston smouldered in slow motion as a man hired for

his tracking skills, Brie Larson tossed her hair provocatively as the

pushy woman photographer and Samuel L Jackson delivered an epic

performance as Lt Col Packard, a man who is not yet ready to

leave the war and who is letting his fighting spirit cloud his decision

making process. This group of people made odd bedfellows but add a

tribe of non speaking painted natives, a huge primate and some

outstandingly ugly reptilian monsters and you have a movie that keeps

you interested from start to finish. Filmed in Hawaii and Australia, we

are introduced to some stunning landscape which proves to be barbaric

in its’ beauty as our group battles to survive all that nature and the

unnatural can throw at them. A much better telling of the Kong tale,

will there be another?


FIlm of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester This Afternoon – The Time of Their Lives

21 March 2017Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester this afternoon – The Time of Their Lives. Starring Joan Collins and Pauline Collins as Helen and Priscilla, two women who couldn’t be more different, they end up together on a bus on a day trip to the beach which culminates in them both ending up in France. Billed as a female buddy movie, this was a lot more mundane, these two characters were not really buddies, just two ageing women drawn together by the desperateness of their lives, one a Hollywood actress whose star is definitely on the wane, the other an unappreciated housewife haunted by memories of the past. What ensued should have been funnier, should have been more emotional but in reality the acting was wooden and slightly uncomfortable to watch. Take Joan Collins out of the equation and I felt I was watching a modern remake of Paulines Collins’ big hit Shirley Valentine. It was a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hours but that’s about it.

20 March 2017 space Film of Choice at the Plaza Dorchester Tonight -Beauty and the Beast

20 March 2017Film of choice at the Plaza Dorchester tonight – Beauty and the Beast. If I was only allowed to use one word to describe this film I guess it would be spectacular, but I’m glad there are more words available as I want to use a lot of them. This film was sumptuous, extravagant, romantic, dark, joyful, and spectacular. Emma Watson was the perfect casting for Belle as she radiated naivety, beauty and the compassion we come to expect of this character. Dan Stevens played the beast and brought a tenderness to the part. Luke Evans shone as Gaston oozing stupidity, boorishness and an evil sly malevolence when he didn’t get his own way. This live action version of the Disney animation excelled in what it does best, bringing the stories of our imagination alive on the screen. There were moments of joy, moments of sorrow, moments that made us laugh and that made us cry, and although we all know the story, I find myself still willing the good guys to win as the film comes to its glorious conclusion. Although I knew who most of the cast were, it was still a wonderful moment when the true characters of the household objects were revealed. I must applaud the costume department and the people in charge of the set, I feel I could watch this film every week for year and look behind the characters to see something new every time. A truly magnificent piece of cinema suitable for the whole family is it a watch and definitely going to be part of my DVD collection. I urge you all to go and see it.

Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Hacksaw Ridge

8 February 2017Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Hacksaw Ridge. Everyone should watch films like this. Everyone should share the horrors of war and realise what this world has gone through, what people do to each other and how futile it all is. As the years go on we still keep discovering stories that need to be told and this was definitely in that category. Desmond T Doss was a Seventh-Day Adventist and a CO, a Conscientious Objector, who felt it was his duty to join up not to fight, but to serve in another way. Following the Lord’s commandment to the letter telling him thou shalt not kill, he refused to touch a gun, instead demanding he be allowed to go into battle as a medic. Meeting all kinds of resistance he stayed true to his faith and his beliefs and what followed was truly remarkable resulting in Doss becoming the first man in US history to be awarded the medal of honour having never fired a shot. Comparing this film to Saving Private Ryan does both films an injustice. Hacksaw Ridge, in no way detracts from the horror of Private Ryan, but stands out as one of those truly unmissable films. Directed by Mel Gibson, who has done an great job in bringing this tale of heroism to the screen, Hacksaw Ridge, before the bloodshed starts, is almost comedic at times and you find yourself grinning along with Andrew Garfield’s infectious smile. Vince Vaughn did a pretty good job in his role as Sargent Howell,and Hugo Weaving was brilliant as Desmond’s Father. This is a tale of our recent history, it needs to be told and it must never be forgotten, men like Doss and his beliefs alongside all our military both serving, retired and those no longer with us are the reason we go to work in normal jobs and live our normal lives. Well done!!!!

Film of Choice at at the Plaza Dorchester Tonight – La La Land

15 January 2017
Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – La La Land. It’s Los Angeles, circa..any time you want, a guy meets a girl, they fall in love, what’s new????? In fact very little is new in this film, we’ve kind of seen it all before, yet there is a little sparkle that makes it different!!!! The script is fairly ordinary and the songs are fairly bland, however, bring both these together and some magic happens. Emma Stone produces a pretty good performance as a girl trying to make it in Hollywood, she has some good opportunity to show a repertoire of various acting skills as her character trawls round audition after audition trying to break into the industry. Ryan Gosling plays a jazz musician passionate about his music but unable to bring his dream to fruition and having to sacrifice his goals in order to make ends meet. Musician meets actress and our story has begun. This film is trying to mix the modern with the glory days of Hollywood past and although successful in many ways it doesn’t quite reach the spot. Having said that I enjoyed it immensely, anything with a little song and dance is sure to keep me entertained the bright colours and jazz music evoke memories of the grand days of the big studios, yet we know we are in modern times as technology is evident in most scenes. This is a film I recommend you see if only took form your own opinion, just because the industry likes it doesn’t mean you have to, although I did!!!!

Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Rogue One

19 December 2016Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Rogue One. All hail the marvellous minds that come together to bring us films like this. This is not Star Wars, this is setting the scene for an epic saga, full of characters we have never heard of, yet are strangely familiar. This is a tale of good guys and bad guys and grand battles, narrow escapes and people fighting for the causes they believe in. We are invited to join the story before it begins and along the way we are teased with seconds of familiar noises, cameos of familiar faces and moments of mirth which were totally unexpected. We are introduced to a different generation of droid, who not only enthralled us like C3P0 but also very much reminded me of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory (bizarre I know). Some very clever film techniques brought us unexpected characters and re-introduced us to weaponry and battle strategies of old (or new depending on which film you are watching). This film has provided an excellent stop gap whilst we wait for Episode 7, whilst at the same time negating the need to waste time watching Episodes 1-3. Excellent filming, a wonderful array of characters, a mixture of human, tentacle clad, masked, and downright squishy which is brought together in bars and streets from distant ends of the galaxy. There is also a splendid mix of spaceships, old favourites and new designs which given the timeline actually work together and you accept them as already existing. Brilliant film, well done to all involved.

Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Sully

9 December 2016Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Sully. It’s a strange experience to write about a film based on true events, even more so when you can remember the actual event occurring in real time. The landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in New York was testament to the skill and experience of Captain Chelsey Sullenberger and his Co-pilot Jeff Skiles as he brought the bird to an almost unheard of safe, yet watery landing which saved all 155 souls on board. Immediately hailed a hero by the media and pretty much the whole of the tv watching, social media connected world, Sully’s bravery and heroism was quickly brought into doubt by the NTSB enquiry which seemed to suggest that he needn’t have landed on the river at all. The cast was very cleverly assembled, bringing together a group of officials who were smugly sanctimonious and utterly sure they were bringing an airline pilot to task for a sure fire mistake which had almost cost people their lives. History tells us they were wrong but the film had me wanting to put these people in their place as I was itching to shout at the screen and remind them what a hero Sully really was. A first collaboration for director Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks, it was superbly shot and CGI has come on a long way enabling us to really believe the plane on our screens was hitting the water. Tom Hanks is a consummate professional, an actor who assumes the character of every role he plays with a flair you don’t find in many other actors, and he brought the personality of Sully to the screen with skill and compassion which made us really believe we could read the thoughts and feel the emotions of the man he was portraying. This was one of the rare films where I didn’t move in my seat until it had ended. A definite watch!!!!