Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Kong: Skull Island

23 March 2017 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Kong:Skull Island. Yet another remake of the old classic King Kong. Each

time we revisit this story it gets bigger and more fanciful, but each

time the visual effects can be more awe inspiring. This particular

outing ticked a lot of boxes for me. We have a group of scientists, a

platoon of soldiers due to return home from the Vietnam war, and a man

running an expedition with a hidden agenda, put all these factions

together on an island inhabited by monsters and there is bound to be

bloodshed. Tom Hiddleston smouldered in slow motion as a man hired for

his tracking skills, Brie Larson tossed her hair provocatively as the

pushy woman photographer and Samuel L Jackson delivered an epic

performance as Lt Col Packard, a man who is not yet ready to

leave the war and who is letting his fighting spirit cloud his decision

making process. This group of people made odd bedfellows but add a

tribe of non speaking painted natives, a huge primate and some

outstandingly ugly reptilian monsters and you have a movie that keeps

you interested from start to finish. Filmed in Hawaii and Australia, we

are introduced to some stunning landscape which proves to be barbaric

in its’ beauty as our group battles to survive all that nature and the

unnatural can throw at them. A much better telling of the Kong tale,

will there be another?


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