20 March 2017 space Film of Choice at the Plaza Dorchester Tonight -Beauty and the Beast

20 March 2017Film of choice at the Plaza Dorchester tonight – Beauty and the Beast. If I was only allowed to use one word to describe this film I guess it would be spectacular, but I’m glad there are more words available as I want to use a lot of them. This film was sumptuous, extravagant, romantic, dark, joyful, and spectacular. Emma Watson was the perfect casting for Belle as she radiated naivety, beauty and the compassion we come to expect of this character. Dan Stevens played the beast and brought a tenderness to the part. Luke Evans shone as Gaston oozing stupidity, boorishness and an evil sly malevolence when he didn’t get his own way. This live action version of the Disney animation excelled in what it does best, bringing the stories of our imagination alive on the screen. There were moments of joy, moments of sorrow, moments that made us laugh and that made us cry, and although we all know the story, I find myself still willing the good guys to win as the film comes to its glorious conclusion. Although I knew who most of the cast were, it was still a wonderful moment when the true characters of the household objects were revealed. I must applaud the costume department and the people in charge of the set, I feel I could watch this film every week for year and look behind the characters to see something new every time. A truly magnificent piece of cinema suitable for the whole family is it a watch and definitely going to be part of my DVD collection. I urge you all to go and see it.


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