Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Hacksaw Ridge

8 February 2017Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Hacksaw Ridge. Everyone should watch films like this. Everyone should share the horrors of war and realise what this world has gone through, what people do to each other and how futile it all is. As the years go on we still keep discovering stories that need to be told and this was definitely in that category. Desmond T Doss was a Seventh-Day Adventist and a CO, a Conscientious Objector, who felt it was his duty to join up not to fight, but to serve in another way. Following the Lord’s commandment to the letter telling him thou shalt not kill, he refused to touch a gun, instead demanding he be allowed to go into battle as a medic. Meeting all kinds of resistance he stayed true to his faith and his beliefs and what followed was truly remarkable resulting in Doss becoming the first man in US history to be awarded the medal of honour having never fired a shot. Comparing this film to Saving Private Ryan does both films an injustice. Hacksaw Ridge, in no way detracts from the horror of Private Ryan, but stands out as one of those truly unmissable films. Directed by Mel Gibson, who has done an great job in bringing this tale of heroism to the screen, Hacksaw Ridge, before the bloodshed starts, is almost comedic at times and you find yourself grinning along with Andrew Garfield’s infectious smile. Vince Vaughn did a pretty good job in his role as Sargent Howell,and Hugo Weaving was brilliant as Desmond’s Father. This is a tale of our recent history, it needs to be told and it must never be forgotten, men like Doss and his beliefs alongside all our military both serving, retired and those no longer with us are the reason we go to work in normal jobs and live our normal lives. Well done!!!!


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