Film of Choice at at the Plaza Dorchester Tonight – La La Land

15 January 2017
Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – La La Land. It’s Los Angeles, circa..any time you want, a guy meets a girl, they fall in love, what’s new????? In fact very little is new in this film, we’ve kind of seen it all before, yet there is a little sparkle that makes it different!!!! The script is fairly ordinary and the songs are fairly bland, however, bring both these together and some magic happens. Emma Stone produces a pretty good performance as a girl trying to make it in Hollywood, she has some good opportunity to show a repertoire of various acting skills as her character trawls round audition after audition trying to break into the industry. Ryan Gosling plays a jazz musician passionate about his music but unable to bring his dream to fruition and having to sacrifice his goals in order to make ends meet. Musician meets actress and our story has begun. This film is trying to mix the modern with the glory days of Hollywood past and although successful in many ways it doesn’t quite reach the spot. Having said that I enjoyed it immensely, anything with a little song and dance is sure to keep me entertained the bright colours and jazz music evoke memories of the grand days of the big studios, yet we know we are in modern times as technology is evident in most scenes. This is a film I recommend you see if only took form your own opinion, just because the industry likes it doesn’t mean you have to, although I did!!!!


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